Download, BaixarBanda: Universal Mind Project
Álbum: The Jaguar Priest
Gênero: Progressive Metal
País: USA
Lançamento: 2016
Tamanho: 123.89 MB
Qualidade: Mp3, CBR 320 kbps (Personal Web Purchase)

Lista de Músicas pertencentes a Este Álbum.

1. Anthem for Freedom
2. Truth
3. The Bargain of Lost Souls
4. Dreamstate
5. Awakened by the Light (Universal Mind)
6. A World That Burns
7. Seven
8. The Jaguar Priest
9. The Force of Our Creation
10. Xibalba

Line Up:
Elina Laivera – Vocals
Henrik Bath – [Darkwater] – Vocals
Michael Alexander – Guitars / Growls
Alex Landenburg – [Luca Turilli’s Rhapsody, Octayne 21] – Drums

Guest Musicians:
Nils K Rue [Pagan’s Mind] – Vocals on “Bargain of Lost Souls”
Mark Jansen [Epica, Mayan] – Growls on “Anthem For Freedom”, “Truth” and “Dreamstate”
Charlie Dominici [ex. Dream Theater] – Vocals on “The Jaguar Priest”
Diego Valdez [Helker] – Vocals on “Awakened By The Light” and “Seven”
Alessandro Bissa [Vision Divine] – Drums on “Dreamstate”, “Anthem For Freedom”, “Awakened
By The Light”, “Bargain Of Lost Souls” and “Truth”
Mike LePond [Symphony X] – Bass on “Truth” and “The Force Of Our Creation”
Emanuele Casali [DGM] – Keyboards on all tracks
Johan Reinholz [Andromeda] – Guitar solo on “The Force Of Our Creation” 07:08-07:30

artwork was created by Jan Yrlund (Apocalyptica, Korpiklaaini, Leah)

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