Minsk – The Crash And The Draw (2015)

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Álbum: The Crash And The Draw
Gênero: Atmospheric Sludge, Post-Metal, Tribal
País: USA
Lançamento: 2015
Tamanho: 108.72 MB
Qualidade: Mp3, CBR 192 kbps

Lista de Músicas pertencentes a Este Álbum.

1. To The Initiate
2. Within And Without
3. Onward Procession I. These Longest Of Days
4. Onward Procession II. The Soil Calls
5. Onward Procession III. The Blue Hour
6. Onward Procession IV. Return, The Heir
7. Conjunction
8. The Way Is Through
9. To You There Is No End
10. To The Garish Remembrance Of Failure
11. When The Walls Fell

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