Carach Angren – This Is No Fairytale (2015)

Download, BaixarBanda: Carach Angren
Álbum: This Is No Fairytale
Gênero: Symphonic Black Metal
País: Holanda
Lançamento: 2015
Tamanho: 101.40 MB

Lista de Músicas pertencentes a Este Álbum.

1. Once Upon A Time…
2. There’s No Place Like Home
3. When Crows Tick On Windows
4. Two Flies Flew Into A Black Sugar Cobweb
5. Dreaming Of A Nightmare In Eden
6. Possessed By A Craft Of Witchery
7. Killed And Served By The Devil
8. The Witch Perished In Flames
9. Tragedy Ever After

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