Trapt – The Acoustic Collection (2014)

Download, BaixarBanda: Trapt
Álbum: The Acoustic Collection
Gênero: Acoustic, Alt. Metal
Lançamento: 2014
Tamanho: 127.82 MB

Lista de Músicas pertencentes a Este Álbum.

01. Headstrong (Acoustic)
02. Echo (Acoustic)
03. Only One In Color (Acoustic)
04. Contagious (Acoustic)
05. These Walls (Acoustic)
06. Ready When You Are (Acoustic)
07. Black Rose (Acoustic)
08. Waiting (Acoustic)
09. Lost Realist (Acoustic)
10. Made of Glass (Acoustic)
11. Too Close (Acoustic)
12. Who’s Going Home With You Tonight (Acoustic)
13. Love Hate Relationship (Acoustic)

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